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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Up & running! :)

Yayyy!  First step accomplished...SweetNailz is now officially up & running!  Now, it'll just take us a little time to get some posts going but with my lovely assistant it shouldn't be too long.  ;)

First, how about an intro to us & why we chose to start SweetNailz...

Not quite a girly-girl, at the fishing derby last year.                                      

Mmhmmm...the momma took this photo.  Not too hard to capture her beauty  :)

This is Hollie.  Being our only daughter, it's not too hard to be the princess.  She's eleven & in a 5th grade Accelerated Academy.  Yup, girl's got brains!  She's not only smart but also creative, sweet & just plain the best!


Hollie & I...not too recent but I like it.   <3

I am a stay-at-home mommy of three amazing children.  I love doing tons of things...gardening, DIY projects, crafts, photography, etc.


So that's who we are.  Now, why are we here & what is it we're doing?

Our blog name...well, since my main blog is called SweeTidbitz (yup, sweet little tidbits from our lives), we figured to go with the theme & call this blog SweetNailz.  I think it works.

Girly-girls or not (neither of us is, we're country girls!  We like to get dirty & play just as much as we like having pretty nails & to look good...a nice combination I think.) it's expensive to go to a salon & get a manicure, pedicure or your nails done up.  

I'm a pretty frugal lady, which I've unintentionally passed on to my munchkins, so they're always coming up with various creative ideas.  Hollie & I both love to do our nails but there is no way I can accept spending what most places charge.  I mean, just to get them painted can cost a lot!  So we do them ourselves.

We have come up with some pretty nice designs & have decided to share.  (I've been asked before where I get them done & some people are pretty surprised when I tell them "...ummm, at my kitchen table.")   :)
We've never spent all too much on anything used to do it with either.  Some of our stuff even comes from the dollar store!

We'll tell you what you need, provide instructions & share pictures.  


So, what it all comes down to is that we just want to share & show how to have beautiful nails...without spending a bunch of money!

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